Carsten Mai is a former civil servant in the City of Copenhagen, Lord Mayor’s Department, for three years – followed by eight years as public relations manager for the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen. He was then ppointed special advisor/chief information officer for the Danish Minister of Finance at the government changeover in 2001. Subsequently Carsten Mai has been manager and CEO in the communications industry.

Carsten Mai has a MSc (soc.) from the University of Copenhagen.

In Carsten Mai & Co we secure influence for companies and organisations to the benefit of their business and members.

We create responsiveness in the political system and the civil service system in order to bring desires and assessments to bear on decision-makers.

We organise communication drives for companies and organisations that guarantee visibility among the target group.

We carry out analyses of interest protection and communication – and we suggest improvements based on stakeholder input. The analyses are generated through qualitative interviews.

We handle the media crisis when the media are at the doorstep and all is chaos.

We prepare press materials, newsletters and annual reports.

We have a strong network among the media and arrange for the stories to be brought as and when needed.

We research news stories and contribute as producers of news features and reports.

We organise special programmes for CEOs and communication managers – including network building.

We perform media training in our studio, engaging the sharpest minds in journalism when focusing on messages and the professional presentation.

Our work for companies mainly includes manufacturing, construction, medical, culture/education, finance/pensions.

Our work for the public sector mostly involves major municipalities and government agencies.

Examples of our partners among organisations are employers’ associations, trade unions and business organisations.

We base our work on our clients’ professional capabilities and current situation and convert desires and requests to constructive input to the political sphere. We build bridges between business and politics, thus generating synergies and responsiveness. We work towards ‟here-and-now” solutions but never forget the long-term perspective which is about influence, respect and credibility in the future.